While there are many Thermador induction cooktop reviews, few of them actually explain to whom each product caters to. The manufacturer makes and sells high-quality products that are vastly different from one another in terms of both features as well as usability.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that all these products heat cookware using induction, so a common trait is the fact that they will all require a specific type of pans and pots in order to efficiently cook food.

Let’s look at some of the best-rated induction stoves from Thermador in order to help you decided which one it the best fit for your cooking style:

Thermador CIT36XKBB 36 Inch Masterpiece Series

A high-quality model that has gotten great scores on Thermador 36 induction cooktop reviews

The CIT36XKBB is a state-of-the-art induction cooktop that has an elegant, sleek design, and comes with many features that are designed to improve the cooking experience for those transitioning from gas cooking appliances.


  • 48 coils – the cooktop does not have designated cooking areas, instead, it comes with 48 3-inch coils that are placed under the surface, activating depending on the size of the pan or pot that’s used;
  • Full-color display – the control panel that controls the appliance is full color;
  • Pan detection – the appliance automatically prevents the elements from turning on when objects smaller than a pan are placed on the surface;
  • Safety-lock – the control panel of the appliance can be locked to make cleaning easier;
  • Anti-overflow – the cooktop comes with sensors that will automatically turn the elements off when liquid touches the cooking surface;
  • PowerBoost – the PowerBoost function raises the power of the heating elements to 4,600 Watts;


  • Flexible – the 48-element design enables the owner to slide and rearrange cookware on the surface without having to reprogram the elements. All the settings that have been made for a pan or pot automatically transfer over to the new location of the container;
  • Safe to use – the ability to lock the controls is great for those with small children and the liquid detection system can help prevent accidents while cooking;


  • A limited number of cooking containers – While the cooktop has 48 cooking elements, it only supports 4 pans or pots at any given time;
  • Delicate surface – the surface can crack if a heavier pan or pot is ever dropped on any of the corners

Thermador CIT365KM 36 in. Induction Cooktop

A premium induction stove that offers an organized surface and great performance

The CIT365KM is a mode that takes the design of a regular gas cooktop and improves on it by adding more accurate temperature control, safety features, and several quality-of-life improvements that help cook various types of food faster and with less effort.


  • Powerful element – the cooktop comes with a 4,600W element that can boil water in a couple of minutes;
  • Triple zone central element – the central area of the appliance is compatible with cookware of 3 different sizes;
  • PowerBoost – the PowerBoost function increases power to the cooking elements for a limited period of time;
  • Timer – The model comes with a timer that can cut power to each of its burners after a set period of time;
  • Keep Warm function – the cooktop can be set to keep food warm for extended periods of time;
  • Anti-overflow – this system automatically cuts power to the relevant burner when it detects that liquid has overflown on the surface of the appliance;
  • Lock – the control panel can be locked;


  • Great features – The cooktop comes with features that take the effort out of the cooking process;
  • Safe – The timer and lock functions make the model great for families with small children; 


  • Fingerprint magnet – Fingerprints are extremely visible on the model’s surface


Keep in mind that there is more to getting a great product than simply going through Thermador freedom induction cooktop reviews. Try to get an appliance that only comes with features that you would actually use when cooking. This will not only help you save money, but also make it so that you actually get your money’s worth. Furthermore, make sure that you have induction-compatible cookware to use with these models.

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