Slide in kitchen ranges are great due to the fact that they fit flush with the countertop and they simply look to be an integrated part of the furniture, and while there is a large number of gas-fueled products, finding ones that use induction cooking can be somewhat difficult.

This is due to the fact that induction kitchen ranges are just now growing in popularity and most manufacturers are sticking to the old tried and tested gas models in order to avoid losing money. However, there are a couple of slide-in products that use induction cooking that not only come at competitive prices when compared to traditional models but also have great features that are only possible with all-electric cooking appliances.

All the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooking

While these products are designed to replace gas kitchen ranges, they come with features specific only to electric cooking appliances, however, they also come with one big disadvantage: They are restrictive when it comes to cookware. 

There are two types of electric ranges, and both work differently. Radiant cooktops will work with any type of pan or pot that is also compatible with gas ranges, however, induction models require special cookware that is made using ferrous materials that can interact with the magnetic fields created by the appliances.

Even the absolute best induction slide in range on the market requires induction-compatible cookware

However, there is a partial solution to this issue. Induction disks can be placed on the cooking surface in order to act as a medium between the magnetic fields and the cookware. In other words, when the disk will heat as a result of its interaction with the magnetic field and then transfer the temperature to the non-induction cookware above it.

This having been said, all the products on review are compatible with these disks, therefore, induction-compatible pans and pots are not a requirement.

SAMSUNG NE58H9970WS Slide-In Induction Range

A high-tech Samsung slide in induction range that comes with an astounding number of features

Samsung is one of the biggest electronics manufactures in the world. While the company may not have a lot of experience when it comes to gas kitchen ranges, things change when it comes to induction ones. The manufacturer’s experience in developing smart products can be clearly seen in this model, in the shape of a complex control panel that offers numerous cooking presets and other features designed to make cooking food a breeze.

The screen is more detailed, brighter, and more offers much more functionality than that of other models, even enabling the owner to store his or her own temperature settings and cooking times for future use.

The model has been clearly designed to cater to the needs of home cooks who do not have a lot of free time, or who are not used to cooking on a daily basis. This having been said, the appliance is equally useful for seasoned chefs who need to cook using several pans or pots at the same time.


  • 5 flexible cooking areas – the cooktop comes with 5 cooking areas, one of which automatically turns on appropriate cooking elements depending on the size of the pan, and two others that can be used as a bridge element for griddles or larger types of cookware;
  • Dual convection – the oven allows the owner to set different temperatures for each of the two oven racks, effectively functioning as a double oven;
  • Virtual flame indicators – the cooktop shows blue flames when its surface is cold to the touch and red ones when it is still hot;
  • Self-cleaning oven – the oven comes with the ability to clean itself without the need to scrub or use any kind of chemicals;
  • Warming drawer – the appliance comes with a drawer that can keep food warm for extended periods of time;


  • Extremely advanced – the induction range offers more features than most competing models;
  • Huge oven – the 5.8. cu. Ft. oven is more than enough for any kind of food and the separation rack enables the owner to divide the chamber in two, effectively turning it into a dual oven model;
  • High-quality control panel – the control panel is superior to that of other products and is extremely intuitive despite its size;


  • Fragile surface – the corners of the glass surface can chip away if accidentally hit with a heavy pot;
  • Small drawer – while the drawer is a welcomed feature, its small size makes it difficult to store larger types of food such as turkeys

Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30" Slide-In Electric Range

An affordable induction range model for those who cook on a daily basis

This Frigidaire slide in induction range may not have as many features as the Samsung model, however, it does come with a smaller price tag while not sacrificing the essential features that any electric model should have, such as precision temperature settings and a convection fan.

Being a slide-in model, the appliance sits flush to the wall and does not require any kind of panel. Furthermore, its edge-to-edge cooktop does not leave any space between the appliance and the neighboring countertops, making it fit seamlessly and create one continuous surface that is extremely easy to clean.


  • 5 cooking areas – the appliance comes with 5 cooking areas that are compatible with cookware of variable sizes;
  • Convection oven – the oven comes with a powerful convection system that helps cook food faster;
  • Self-cleaning function – the convection oven comes with a self-cleaning function that only requires water;
  • Temperature probe – the oven comes with an accurate temperature probe;
  • Storage drawer – the appliance comes with a storage drawer that can be used to keep cookware;
  • Touch panel – the various features of the appliance are controlled using a touch display that can be locked to prevent children from accidentally turning the oven or cooking elements on;


  • Powerful elements – the induction range can boil water in only a few minutes and work great even with larger pans or pots;
  • Great for an induction disk – the range works great with an induction disk;


  • Sharp corners – the from part of the appliance sticks out slightly and children may hit themselves on its corners if not careful

GE Cafe CHS995SELSS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range

A premium slide in induction range with double oven

General Electric has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for a very long time, and the company’s vast experience and insight into what the customers are looking for has let to the development of several high-quality GE slide in induction ranges. 

This double oven model comes with a large number of features designed to cater to the needs of those looking to use the cooktop section less often and, as a result, comes with a powerful convection oven that can speed up the cooking process by a large margin.

However, this does not mean that the cooktop has not received any attention. This section comes with more basic but useful features such as a powerful 11-inch element and two synchronized elements that enable the user to cook using a griddle.


  • Wi-Fi Connection – The appliance comes with the ability to link to a smartphone app that enables the owner to check the status of the oven and cooktop, and also to remotely start and stop the appliance;
  • Backlit knobs – the control knobs are backlighted in order to enhance the look of the appliance and to make them easier to see in low light;
  • Temperature probe – the appliance comes with an accurate temperature probe that can be used both for the cooktop as well as for the ovens;
  • Convection fan – the lower oven comes with a True European Convection system that constantly moves the air around the food in order to shorten cooking times;
  • Digital display – the oven sections are controlled using a digital display;


  • Quality-of-life features – the ability to control the appliance from a distance is great for those who have a very busy schedule or who have small children that constantly required their attention;
  • Great presets – the ovens come with several preset programs that enable the owner to easily broil, bake, or self-clean. The self-cleaning program does not require any kind of chemical cleaning products;


  • Needs strong Wi-Fi – the appliance requires a router to be placed in the same room, in order to ensure that it does not disconnect randomly


Induction slide in ranges are growing in popularity not just due to the fact that they are new technologies and some want to test them in order to see what they are about. Most have discovered, by buying smaller cooktops first, that induction cooking is much more efficient than with gas, and that fewer moving pieces usually means that these appliances are easier to clean.

Furthermore, all induction range slide in models, as well as freestanding ones, come with at least a few basic features that make them much more accurate in terms of temperature settings, than their gas counterparts.

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