What kind of an induction cooktop you need for your RV? Well, you surely don’t want to use one that requires a lot of installation work. Therefore, our suggestion is to get yourself a portable induction cooktop, which you will be able to use not only in the RV, but your home as well.

These cooktops are usually pretty compact in size, so their surface isn’t too large. This means that you won’t be use too many pots and pans at the same time. But, this can actually be a good thing. Carrying a lot of cookware with you will use up the room in your RV. And you won’t have to do that if you buy a one or 2 burner induction cooktop.

If you’re still not convinced that this kind of RV induction stove is what you need, you should also know that their heating performances are pretty impressive. They can heat up any dish really fast and some of them are really good at temperature monitoring, something that’s super-important for ensuring your dishes don’t get overcooked.

To help you out with finding the best induction cooktop for RV, we’ve decided to share our opinions with you. Here are some reviews of what we believe to be the models that deserve your attention. 


Portable Induction Cooktop with 1800W Wattage

This is the cheapest cooktop on our list, but that’s just one of many reasons why we think you ought to get it for your RV. The cooktop is also great in terms of performances, it’s also easy to use, while its only downside seems to be the fact that it can be used for only one pot at a time.


  • 10 power settings – You can choose from 10 different power settings, from 200 to 1800 Watts.
  • Built-in timer – You don’t have to be nearby every time you’re cooking a meal. The timer will switch it off instead of you.


  • Easy to use – You just need to plug it in and the cooktop is ready to use. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that it requires standard electricity (120 volts, 15 amps), the cooktop can be used almost anywhere.
  • Decent power – With the maximum wattage of 1800W, the cooktop can provide you with powerful heating.
  • Affordable price – This is the cheapest product you will find in our reviews.


  • One element – This cooktop has only one induction element, which means that you can use only one cookware item at a time.

​Cuisinart ICT-60

Easy-to-Use Two-Burner Induction Cooktop

The main reason why we picked this cooktop to be in our reviews is the fact that it has a large control panel, with plenty of options. You will have no problems picking the right temperature and setting up the cooking time. On top of everything, both of the cooktop elements are pretty powerful.


  • Two burners – There’s a large burner on the left, which has 8 power settings, and a smaller one on the right with 5 settings.
  • Time for each burner – Each burner has its own built-in 150-minute timer.  
  • Auto shut-down – The cooktop will turn off 30 seconds after you lift the pans.


  • Convenient to use – Everything about this cooktop screams ‘convenience’, from its large control panel to the fact that it has plenty of user-friendly features like the auto turn-off or timer.
  • Reasonable price – Considering that this is a cooktop with two burners, its price is pretty reasonable.


  • None – We like most of the things about this product, hence it might be the best 2 burner induction cooktop for RV you can buy in 2019.

​NutriChef PKSTIND48

Superb Performance Induction Cooktop RV Choice

If you want a really amazing cooktop for your RV, which has a sleek design and superb performances, NutriChef PKSTIND48 is the right one for you. 


  • Two 1800W induction elements – Two circular heating zones have adjustable temperature zone setting. 
  • Automatic warm function – If the meal is ready before you’re feeling hungry, you can use this function to keep it warm until the lunchtime.
  • Child lock – This cooktop has a child lock, which will disable all the control buttons that your kids can reach.


  • Convenient to use – NutriChef designed this cooktop to be convenient for the users. It’s very easy to use and offers plenty of cooking possibilities.


  • None – Here’s another RV cooktop that we recommend by heart.

​Costway B079NVV97J

Affordable Two-Burner Induction Cooker for RVs

This is a compact induction cooktop with plenty of useful features. Speaking of features, let’s take a closer look at some of them.


  • Two induction elements – Although they are the same in size (8.3 inches), one burner has 1000W and the other has 800W.
  • Automatic shut-down – It turns off half a minute after you’ve moved the pots; when in cooking mode, it shots down after two hours.


  • Easy to use – It has a large control panel, as well as many useful features.
  • Affordable price – This is the cheapest two-burner cooktop on our list.


  • Power – The maximum power is 1000 Watts, which isn’t much compared to the wattage of other cooktops on our list.

​True Induction TI-2B

Fantastic Built-In Cooktop Suitable for RVs

Okay, we said that portable cooktops are ideal for RVs, but if you would still like to go with an RV drop in induction cooktop, here’s one for you. True Induction TI-2B might be your ideal choice, as it has fantastic performances and plenty of features that will make your job easy.


  • Power sharing technology – This system allows you to share the wattage between the two burners, thus saving more energy.
  • Scratch-proof – The surface is made of Schott-Ceran ceramic glass, which is resistant to scratching.
  • Simple controls – The controls are simple, making the cooktop very easy to use.


  • Durable – The scratch-proof surface is just one of many reasons why this cooktop is expected to last for a long time.
  • Easy to use – Everything about this cooktop is very user-friendly.


  • Professional installation required – This is a built-in cooktop, meaning that you will need to mount it in the countertop of your RV.

Final Words

There you have it – five induction cooktops ideal for RVs. Choose one of these and you’ll be able to make your favorite dishes while on the road.

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