While small induction stoves are ideal due to the fact that they are efficient and highly portable, larger models are required in some cases. There are several manufacturers who are constantly working to develop large induction cooktops that can essentially replace a traditional gas range, while also adding various quality of life features that are only possible with electric models.

Even though these appliances are less portable than their one-element counterparts, they are in no way extra large induction cooktops. However, they do offer enough cooking space to prepare food for the entire family without having to only cook one-pan dishes. Furthermore, the prices of these appliances are not larger than those of gas ranges, in spite of their added features.

NutriChef Portable Dual 120V Electric Induction Cooktop 

A dual element induction appliance that is both powerful as well as kid-friendly

NutriChef is known for the extremely useful features that it seeks to constantly integrate into its products, and this dual induction cooktop is no exception. While the design of the appliance is somewhat basic, it comes with several preset programs that make cooking various types of food extremely easy. Also, it comes with a useful safety lock that prevents children from accidentally turning the appliance on.


  • Dual cooking zones – the cooktop comes with two cooking zones that can be controlled independently;
  • Smart cooking – the appliance comes with several cooking programs that automatically set the perfect temperature to fry, sear, steam, or keep the food warm;
  • Safety lock – the control panel can be locked in order to prevent children from changing the settings;
  • Flexible – the appliance is compatible with cookware made from steel, cast iron, stainless steel, or enameled iron;


  • High compatibility – there is a big chance that you will already have compatible cookware;
  • Kid-friendly – the ability to lock the display is great for families with small children;


  • Annoying fan – the cooling fan of the appliance can get loud when both elements are at full power

Ovente Induction Cooktop with Cool-Touch Ceramic Glass Surface

An elegant, 1,800 Watt induction cooktop that comes with great quality-of-life features

This model offered by Ovente is a great induction cooktop with large coils that can instantly heat pans and pots of almost any size. The appliance can boil water in only a couple of minutes and comes with several safety features that are designed specifically to prevent accidents when cooking using both heating elements at the same time.


  • Cool-touch surface – the surface of the appliance takes only a few minutes to cool down to room temperature after taking the cookware off the burners;
  • Safety systems – the appliance comes with a safety lock that prevents children from changing the settings, a pan detection function that automatically shuts the unit down when there is no cookware detected and a light to indicate when the pan is hot;
  • Customizable programming – the cooktop comes with 8 temperature levels and a timer that can be set from 1 minute to 3 hours;
  • Stainproof surface – the ceramic glass surface can be cleaned using only a damp cloth and a paper towel;


  • Great features all-around – The model comes with great safety features and flexible temperature settings;
  • Easy to clean – the glass surface can be cleaned in under 5 minutes, even when it has older stains;


  • Scratchable – the glass surface starts to scratch after a few weeks of intensive use, especially if you make a habit out of sliding cookware from one cooking area to the other


These large portable induction cooktops enable the owner to cook larger quantities of food at the same time, without having to swap pans every 30 minutes. Furthermore, unlike gas models, they come with the ability to accurately set the temperature required for different cooking processes, basically taking a lot of the guesswork out of cooking new types of food.

Keep in mind that induction cooktops do not work with non-metallic cookware, so you will be unable to prepare food using glass or ceramic containers. Furthermore, remember that unlike gas cooktops, these heat the pan directly, which means that metallic handles will also get how after a while.

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