KitchenAid has established itself as a company that is constantly looking to develop products that consumers want. As a result, the manufacturer designs products that only contain features that are actually useful for those who cook on a regular basis. 

This no-nonsense philosophy has led to extremely durable and efficient products that not only do everything that a regular gas kitchen range could, but also come with features that can only be seen in electric cooking appliances.

Kitchenaid KICU569XBL 5 Burner Cooktop

An elegant, extremely flexible Kitchenaid 36 inch induction cooktop that can help cook great food in record time

The KICU569XBL is has been designed to be as flexible as possible in terms of usability. The cooking appliance comes with a large central element that is perfect for bigger pans and pots, and four smaller ones that can be linked 2 by 2 in order to be used as bridge elements that are compatible with griddles.

The model effectively enables the owner to cook using two griddles at once, which makes it ideal for those who need to prepare food for the whole family in a short period of time.


  • 5 Flexible elements – the cooktop comes with 5 cooking elements, one of which is perfect for larger cooktops, and 4 others that can be linked into bridge elements that can be used for larger types of cookware or griddles;
  • Accurate temperature settings – the appliance comes with 12 different heat levels that enable the user to accurately set the desired temperature to cook with;
  • Performance boost – this function transfers more power to the elements for up to 10 minutes;
  • Melt and hold – The lowest power levels are perfect for melting chocolate or for keeping food warm for prolonged periods of time;
  • Pan detection – the appliance turns the cooking elements off when the pan is lifted from its surface;
  • Lockable touch controls – the appliance is controlled through a touch panel that can be locked in order to make cleaning the cooktop easier;


  • Great for regular cooking – the 5 heating elements are more than enough to cook great food for a large number of people;
  • Kid-friendly – the ability to lock the control panel is perfect for those with small children;


  • The fan can be noisy – the cooling fan can get loud when all 5 cooking elements are used at the same time


While there are larger or smaller appliances, a KitchenAid induction cooktop 36 is usually the best compromise between overall size and cooking space due to the fact that it can easily be installed on a countertop and it does enable the owner to basically cook food using 5 heating elements at once.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that induction cooking appliances often require special cookware, and this also applies to griddles. While the model above does come with support for two griddles, these have to be designed for induction cooking in order not to have a negative impact on the cooktop’s electronics.

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