As more and more people transition from the aging gas kitchen ranges to new electric ones, a new issue appears that of compatible cookware. Due to the way in which these appliances work, only a certain type of pans, pots, trays, and kettles can be used with them. While not all compatible cookware is labeled as being ready for induction, the rule of thumb is that metal containers usually work. 

However, using containers that have not been designed for a specific type of cooking appliance can put you in danger and also damage the electronic components of the cooking appliance.

Not all induction compatible cookware is labeled accordingly

The whole container gets hot when it is placed on an induction cooktop, and this may lead to plastic handles and other non-metallic parts melting due to the heat of the metal. The best way to go about buying compatible cookware is to look for metal containers that have few non-metallic parts, and that those parts are resistant to high heat.

Better to get cookware that is designed for induction cooktops

This having been said, it is generally better to simply look for induction-compatible cookware, in order to ensure that you won’t have any accidents and that the food will not be contaminated with plastic or rubber. Usually, the most problematic types of cookware when it comes to induction are not pans or pots, but smaller things such as kettles as these containers are more likely to not have silicone handles or to be made from induction-compatible materials.

Overall, looking for the best tea kettle for induction cooktops not only ensures that the container will do its job and that you will not be in danger while handling it, but also that it will not damage the cooktop. Luckily, there are a few great, affordable induction compatible tea kettles. 

Vescoware Premium Whistling Tea Kettle

An affordable, beautifully engineered tea kettle that has been designed specifically for induction cooktops

This Vescoware whistling tea kettle is unique both in its design, as well as in its, its durability. The container has a comfortable grip made from heat-resistant silicone and a rust-resistant body. While the design itself may seem bulky, the 3L capacity is more than enough for a variety of purposes. The model also comes with a tea infuser as well as an e-book containing tips and tricks for preparing a great cup of tea.

Overall, Vescoware has developed a premium all-in-one container for tea enthusiasts that can be used right out of the box. The large capacity places it above other models, however, the extra weight does not make it uncomfortable to hold when full of liquid.


  • Magnetic grade material – the underside of the container is made from magnetic grade stainless steel that picks up the magnetic field of induction ranges easier and distributes the heat more evenly;
  • Whistle – the kettle comes with an integrated whistle that notifies the owner when the liquid inside the container is boiling;
  • Light and highly durable – the rust-resistant stainless-steel body does not weigh much and enables the owner to use the kettle with other heat sources such as radiant electric cooktops or gas models;
  • Included e-book – the “11 Golden Rules for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea” e-book is included with the purchase and contains tips and tricks for preparing great tea using the product;


  • Durable and versatile – the ability to use it with any type of heat source makes it multipurpose and its durability makes it perfect for camping trips;
  • Smart design – the mechanical elements of the product are well built and will not break even after long periods of daily use;


  • Hot handle – The handle of the kettle can sometimes become hot enough to create discomfort when holding it

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool Handle

A tea kettle that is designed to work well with any type of heat source

This model from Pykal is designed to be compatible with any and every type of cooktop or kitchen range. The container is made from extremely durable surgical steel and comes with a uniquely designed handle that disperses heat and cools down to room temperature in only a few seconds after taking the kettle off the burner. 

This having been said, this is a tea kettle for any type of stove and kitchen range, and as a result, it will have similar results in terms of efficiency regardless of how it is used. This makes it a great choice for those looking to get only one kettle to use at home, on an induction stove, but also on a fire, during a camping trip.


  • Multifunctional – The kettle is designed to work great with induction, radiant, and gas cooktops;
  • Durable – the body of the container has a multilayer design. The kettle is made from an iron layer that is pressed between two aluminum sheets which are encapsulated in a surgical stainless-steel structure;
  • Large – the 3 Quart kettle is perfect for making tea or coffee for larger groups of people;
  • Whistle signal – the kettle signals the owner when the liquid inside it is boiling through a whistling sound;
  • I-Cool Handle – the handle is designed to cool down to room temperature a few seconds after the container is taken off the stove;


  • One kettle for multiple cooktops – the model is great for any type of cooktop and is ideal for those who would like to get one product to use both at home as well as while on camping trips;
  • Retains heat for long periods of time – the multilayer structure of the kettle is extremely efficient when it comes to maintaining the liquid hot for extended periods of time;


  • Handle button can get stuck – the button that controls the spout can get stuck if pressed too hard, or if kept pressed while it is cooling

Willow & Everett Tea Kettle with Capsule Bottom

An elegant kettle with a comfortable grip and a large capacity

This premium kettle designed primarily for induction cooktops comes with several design choices that make it not only extremely durable but also give it an elegant look. While the exterior of the container gives it a high-quality look, its layered design sets it apart from other models in the same class. With a 3-liter capacity, the container is more than enough to boil water for tea or coffee.

Furthermore, the kettle comes with tea infuser that can hold a cup of leaf tea, specifically designed to be used with it.


  • Mirror finish exterior surface – the outside of the kettle has been polished to a mirror finish that is scratch resistant and extremely easy to clean;
  • Layered materials – the container is made from layers of iron, aluminum, and surgical-grade stainless-steel in order to ensure that it can heat its contents evenly, and also that it is durable enough to withstand years of daily use;
  • Silicone handle – the silicone handle prevents the owner from getting burned when picking up the kettle from the induction stove;
  • Practical design – the handle of the spout lever is textured to prevent cases in which the fingers may slip and come in contact with the hot metal;
  • Healthy to use – the kettle does not contain Teflon or other potentially harmful chemicals that could be released into the water;
  • Large – The container can hold enough water to prepare up to 12 cups of tea at a time, making it ideal for families or larger groups of individuals;


  • Efficient design – the layered design is better designed than in other models and enables the kettle to heat up its contents a lot faster;
  • Comfortable handle – the textured silicone of the handle is slightly soft and this makes it comfortable to hold the kettle when it is full of liquid;


  • Lid handle – the handle on the kettle’s lid can get hot very fast and takes longer to cool than the other silicone parts


Not all tea kettles are created equal. While this usually means that some are larger than others or that some come with more elegant designs, when it comes to cooktop compatibility, choosing the wrong model can lead to burns or even more serious injuries. This is due to the fact that induction cooktops do not heat containers through flames, but through magnetic fields.

In other terms, when placed on an induction cooktop, the kettle itself heats up and this can easily melt plastic parts if they are not heat resistant. Furthermore, an induction-compatible container needs a silicon handle due to the fact that all metal parts heat evenly and can easily burn you if touched directly.

If you have an electric stove, make sure to choose a compatible tea kettle for induction cooktops in order to get the most out of your cooking appliance, but also to ensure that you will not have any accidents when picking up the heated kettle.

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