Electric cooking appliances are slowly replacing traditional gas ones, partially due to their increased efficiency, but also as a result of their extremely small size. Both, induction, as well as radiant cooktops only use electricity in order to help cook food, which means that there is no need to have a gas tank or any kind of pipes coming out of the appliance. All that is needed is a connection to the building’s electrical system.

Furthermore, these all-electrical cooking appliances come with the same features and functionality that gas models have, such as downdraft ventilation systems, on top of the ability to set the temperature more accurately, or systems that automatically turn the burners off when you lift the pan from their surface.

This having been said, let us take a look at the 3 best downdraft induction cooktops on the market:

Jenn Air JID4436ES 36-inch

A well-build induction cooktop that offers great downdraft ventilation

The JID3336ES is an elegant Jenn Air induction cooktop with downdraft that features four cooking areas as well as numerous functions designed to help prepare food more easily. The model’s ventilation system is extremely powerful and can reach even the outer edges of the cooktop, successfully absorbing steam and smoke even when there are four pans or pots on the surface, simultaneously.


  • Four induction elements – the cooktop comes with 4 cooking areas that are large enough for pans and pots of any sizes, and even griddles;
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop – the surface of the appliance is made from ceramic glass and will not get hot even when there are pans on every cooking element;
  • Safety lock – the controls of the induction downdraft cooktop can be locked in order to make cleaning them easier or to prevent children from changing the settings;
  • Pan sensor – the unit automatically cuts power to the cooking elements when the pan is removed from the surface;
  • Keep Warm feature – the stove comes with a function that can keep food warm for prolonged periods of time;
  • Ventilation timer – the downdraft system comes with a timer that can be set to automatically stop ventilation after a certain period of time;


  • Large cooking surface – the four cooking areas are compatible with cookware of any size;
  • Great for griddles – the appliance works great with induction-compatible griddles;


  • Can be noisy – The ventilation system can get lout if not set up properly

Frigidaire 30" Electric Cooktop with Built-In Downdraft Ventilation

A great appliance for those who are looking to replace their gas cooktop

While it may not be a 30 inch induction cooktop with downdraft, this electrical model still offers increased efficiency when compared to gas appliances and comes with a very powerful downdraft ventilation system. The design of the stove is great for those who have small children due to the fact that the control knobs are to the side where they are harder to reach. 

From a functional perspective, this Frigidaire model offers the same features that a downdraft induction range, with the added bonus, that it does not require compatible cookware and will work with any pan or pot.


  • Flexible – the cooktop comes with four burners that support a large variety of pans and pots;
  • Bridge element – the two elements on the left side of the cooktop can be used as a bridge element for a griddle;
  • Ceramic glass cooktop – the surface of the appliance is made from smooth black ceramic glass that remains cool while only the cookware gets hot;
  • Safety indicator – the cooktop comes with a hot surface indicator that lights up when the glass surface is hot;


  • Great design – the position of the knobs is great due to the fact that small children will not be able to reach them but also because they are out of the way and can make cooking on all burners at once easier;
  • Powerful downdraft system – the 500 CFM ventilation system does a great job even when all the burners are used at the same time;


  • Fragile glass surface – the ceramic glass surface can be easily chipped if not careful when handling heavy cookware

GE Profile PP9830DJBB 30" Downdraft Electric Stove

​A sleek, simple design that has been built for intensive use

The PP9830DJBB has a different functioning principle from a regular induction downdraft cooktop. The appliance passes electricity through coils that heat up marked areas on the cooktop, which then transfer heat to the cookware. In many ways, this process cooks food the same way a gas model would, however, it does allow for a greater degree of precision when it comes to setting the temperature.


  • Versatile burners – the cooktop comes with four burners, one of which can switch functionality in order to support 9-inch or 6-inch cookware;
  • Compatible with griddles – the two burners on the right come with a short bridge element that enables them to be used with griddles;
  • Control lock – the controls for the burners can be locked;
  • Indicator lights – the appliance comes with lights that indicate when a burner is on and when the cooktop’s surface is hot;
  • Powerful downdraft system – the ventilation system can easily pull smoke and steam from all four burners at the same time;


  • Kid-friendly – the ability to lock the controls is great for those with small children;
  • Glass surface – the surface of the appliance can be easily cleaned;


  • Complicated installation – personal installation can be difficult and it is recommended to get a professional to set it up


While getting an induction cooktop with downdraft vent is a great way to save money, when compared to gas cooking appliances, other electric models may be an even better choice for some individuals. This is due to the fact that while induction cooking only works with compatible pans and pots, radiant and infrared cooktops can cook food in any type of cookware, including glass and ceramic.

This having been said, it is all down to personal choice. All types of electric appliances are equally useful and flexible in terms of features, however, only one of them is guaranteed to work with all the cookware that you already own.

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