Induction ranges have not only caught up with their gas counterparts but outperformed them in several ways. While traditional gas cooking appliances never had a way to accurately set the temperature at which to cook the food, induction kitchen ranges offer this, in addition to a more elegant design, as well as a large number of quality-of-life features that can make the preparing food effort-free.

All-electric kitchen ranges that make cooking a breeze

Gas ranges with electric ovens have been around for quite some time, however, most individuals who have experienced the benefits of an electric cooking appliance are now transitioning to all-electric kitchen ranges. To be more specific, the models that are seeing the biggest popularity growths are the ones that use induction in order to cook the food.

An electrical range offers a fast and simple way to cook food on the cooktop, but also comes with a powerful electrical oven that usually has all the features that a gas one would have. This having been said, there are two types of electrical ovens: ones that use magnetic fields in order to cook food and others that use radiant heat.

While the former ones require induction-compatible cookware, the latter will work with any kind of pan or pot that would normally be used on a gas stove.

Double oven, double the fun and half the time

Copying the design of the successful dual oven gas range models, manufacturers have started developing all-electrical induction range double oven products. There are manufacturers that sell both slide in induction range with double ovens, as well as freestanding models, however, we will take a look at the appliances that offer the best features when considering their cost.

Most of these models are designed to enable the owner to set different temperatures and timers for each oven chamber, and some even come with convection fans for both of them. However, they all are much more efficient than traditional gas ranges.

Our Top 2 Models Reviewed

GE Profile PB960SJSS 30 Inch Freestanding Electric Range

A durable cooking appliance that offers a very large number of high-tech features

The PB960SJSS is a very organized and elegant freestanding electric range that comes with a practically designed cooktop and two spacious electric ovens. While the product may not seem like much, the manufacturer has made sure that it has at least one feature that few other models have, the ability to connect two cooking elements in order to use a griddle with the cooktop.

In terms of overall design, the freestanding form-factor is extremely useful for families with small children due to the fact that the controls for the cooktop and ovens are located on the back panel of the appliance where the children will have a hard time reaching them. 

This having been said, there is a downside to this design. The controls for the ovens are located right above the cooktop, which means that you will have to stretch oven the hot pots that may be on the cooking surface in order to start them. This is more of an inconvenience rather than an actual disadvantage, however, it is something to keep in mind.


  • Electronic touch-enabled control panel – the controls for both the ovens as well as for the cooktop are placed on the back panel of the appliance;
  • 5 cooking areas – the cooktop comes with 5 cooking areas, one of which switches between elements in order to accommodate 12-inch, 9-inch, and 6-inch pans, and another two that can act as bridge elements in order to work with griddles and baking trays;
  • Large ovens – the appliance comes with a 2.2. cu. Ft. oven and a 4.4. cu. Ft. one;
  • Convection system – the lower oven comes with a convection fan that helps cook food faster;
  • Auto shutoff- the ovens automatically turn off after 24 hours;
  • Lock – the oven door can be locked to prevent children from getting hurt;
  • Self-cleaning system – the appliance’s ovens come with a self-cleaning that only uses water and heat to remove grease stains;
  • Convection cooking conversion – the timer automatically converts normal oven cooking times to convection ones;


  • Many quality-of-life features – the range basically takes the guesswork and effort out of the cooking process;
  • Safe – the freestanding design, along with the oven lock make the model great for families with small children;


  • No cooktop preset programs – the cooktop does not come with presets for boiling, frying, etc.

Verona VEFSEE365DSS 36" Electric Double Oven Range

A large, powerful appliance designed for restaurant kitchens and professional chefs

While this isn’t an induction double oven range, many consider it to be better due to the flexibility offered by its radiant cooktop. The advantage of this type of cooktop is that, unlike induction elements that require compatible cookware, it will work with any type of pan or pot that can be placed on a gas stove.

When it comes to the design of the cooktop, all the cooking elements are arranged symmetrically, with the central one being compatible with two different pan sizes. This having been said, one disadvantage of kitchen ranges that have their two ovens placed side by side is the fact that the cooktop has a more elongated design, which also means that it is more shallow than regular models.

Overall, the range offers two large ovens that are placed side-by-side, as well as a very wide storage drawer that can be used to keep the cookware after using it. Furthermore, the control solution for this model is identical to what one may find in a gas range, namely control knobs for both the cooktop as well as for the ovens. 

Unfortunately, the knobs are placed at the front of the appliance, where children can easily reach them. While the model is more suited for professional situations that for families with small children, this fact should be kept in mind in order to avoid any possible accidents.


  • Spacious, side-by-side ovens – the appliance comes with a 2.4. cu. Ft main oven and a 1.5 cu. Ft. secondary one;
  • Convection system – both ovens come with powerful convection fans that move the air around the food in order to cook it faster and more evenly;
  • Ovens coated with porcelain – the two ovens are coated with a porcelain layer that is extremely easy to clean;
  • Backguard – the appliance features a backguard that protects the wall from grease and oil stains;
  • Ceramic glass cooktop – the surface of the cooktop is made from an easy to clean ceramic glass designed to endure very high temperatures for long periods of time;
  • Wide storage compartment – the kitchen range comes with a storage drawer that spans the entire length of the two ovens and can be used to store cookware;
  • Digital display – the appliance comes with a multifunctional display that works as a timer and as a clock;


  • Great for large families or for events – both the ovens, as well as the cooktop offer a lot of cooking space, making the electric range great for those who need to prepare large quantities of food in a short amount of time;
  • Large storage drawer – the drawer is large enough to potentially fit all the cookware that the owner will ever use with the electric range;
  • Versatile cooktop – the radiant elements found in the cooktop do not require compatible cookware in order to heat food. They work with any kind of container as long as its heat resistant, glass and ceramic included;


  • Hot knobs – the control knobs can get relatively hot when both ovens are turned on. The temperature grows as time goes by, however, they are never hot enough to cause anything more than a slight discomfort


The fact that these double oven induction ranges are not for everyone is undeniable. The manufacturers have designed them to cater to the needs of professional chefs and individuals who need to prepare a lot of food at the same time. 

Most of their features revolve around the oven segments, while the cooktops are somewhat basic by comparison. However, this does not mean that the cooktops do not have any features. All the models above come with great temperature control settings, in addition to a large number of quality-of-life features designed to help those who cook using the cooktop and the two ovens simultaneously.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that unlike other models such as smaller KitchenAid double oven induction range that may sometimes not require a separate connection to the building’s electrical system, these must always be connected separately. This is due to the fact that they can draw much more power than smaller models and this can make them dangerous should anything happen with the home’s electrical system.

Overall, they may also be great choices for those who do not cook on a daily basis, provided that they can get over the higher price tags, mode complicated installation process, and bigger power requirements.

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