Eating healthy is quickly becoming a major concern for a growing number of people, and this has led to more individuals cooking their food using griddles. These types of cookware can cook any kind of meat or vegetables with little to no oil and are generally durable enough to last upwards of a couple of decades. 

This having been said, while many gas ranges come with integrated griddles or have areas specially designed for them, such as elongated burners, things are different in the case of induction cooktops. Not all products that work with gas ranges will be compatible with induction ones.

Why do induction stoves require special griddles?

Induction ranges work by heating up the metal placed on the cooktop, using magnetic fields generated by copper coils. This means that, unlike gas models where a flame heats the cookware, in the case of induction cooking the pan or griddle itself gets heated. This restricts the type of containers that can be used with this technology.

Griddles that are usually designed to work with induction kitchen appliances are made from materials that react with the magnetic field created by the cooktop or range and do not contain any elements that could melt due to the high temperature of the metal. Other than this, the sizes are largely the same; griddles can be pan-shaped or they can come in larger sizes.

So, What are the best griddle models for induction gas ranges?

Cooksmark 11-Inch Nonstick Copper Griddle Pan

A high-quality griddle that is easy to use and clean

Cooksmark is a brand that has become synonymous with the word “quality”, and this griddle is a perfect example of the quality found in all the products that bear this name. The griddle is designed as an 11-inch rectangular pan that has an aluminum core and non-stick layer.


  • Designed for induction stoves – the griddle pan is 11 x 11 inches, which is perfect for the usual size of an induction burner;
  • Aluminum core – the aluminum core of the griddle can retain heat for long periods of time;
  • Maxlon nonstick coating – the interior of the griddle is coated with a layer that prevents even more delicate types of food such as fish or vegetables from sticking to the surface;
  • Riveted handle – The handle of the griddle is securely attached and will not come loose after prolonged use;


  • Great coating – the nonstick layer is scratch resistant;
  • Versatile – the pan design makes the griddle useful in a variety of cooking situations;


  • Label -  While the interior of the pan does not allow food to stick to it, the label will leave a sticky residue that may require a bit of scrubbing to get off

GreenPan Lima Nonstick Griddle Pan

An affordable induction griddle pan that can be used on regular gas ranges

This model offers a great ceramic nonstick layer that not only prevents food from sticking to the surface but also retains heat extremely well. The pan design works great with both induction cooktops as well as with gas ones and even enables the owner to use the griddle in the oven without compromising its structural integrity.


  • Ceramic nonstick layer – the coating that prevents food from sticking to the griddle’s surface does not contain any metals or chemicals that could be potentially harmful or that could somehow find their way into the food;  
  • Comfortable riveted handle – the handle is designed to fit comfortably in hand and it is attached to the griddle itself using durable rivets;
  • Perfect size – the griddle measures 11 inches in length and in width, and will fit perfectly on any induction cooktop or kitchen range;


  • Very durable – The materials used in the product basically enable it to last for a lifetime;
  • Handle cools off fast – If used in the oven, the handle of the griddle cools down extremely fast after taking the cookware out;


  • Problematic at very high temperatures -The ceramic coating can be ruined if the griddle is ever forgotten on the powered stove with nothing in it

Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle

A large, double burner induction cooktop griddle for those who need to cook a lot of food at once

Perfect for individuals who cook on a daily basis, the MCP45-25NS is large, simple in construction, and extremely effective. The container is designed to work with induction bridge elements or to be placed on two induction burners at the same time.


  • Large – the griddle measures 10 x 18 inches and should be placed on two induction elements in order to cook the food evenly;
  • Nonstick coating – the container’s interior is coated with a scratch-resistant coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface;
  • Anodized external surface – the exterior of the griddle is hardened to handle constant, high temperatures;
  • Stainless steel handles – The griddle comes with two stainless steel handles that are attached using rivets;


  • Great for families – the griddle offers enough cooking space to prepare food for more than one people at the same time;
  • Great heat coverage – heat is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the griddle with no cold spots and without the handles becoming too hot;


  • Works best with a bridge element – While the model works with two induction burners, electric ranges that come with bridge elements will be better due to the fact that they are designed specifically to be compatible with cookware of this size


Whether you’re interested in getting a small griddle to use every once in a while, or need a bigger one to cook food for a larger group of friends or for the family, it is important to always make sure that the container is safe to use on your appliance.

Also, while the models designed like pans are great in terms of maneuverability, an induction double burner griddle may often be a better choice for those who cook on a daily basis due to the fact that all the food can be prepared at once.

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