Induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the technology required to manufacture induction stoves and gas ranges become much cheaper than when it first surfaced on the kitchen appliance market

These new cooking appliances are slowly phasing out gas ones due to the fact that they are up to 70% more efficient than their fossil-fuel counterparts, they do not produce CO2, and they offer extremely accurate temperature control. Furthermore, induction cooktops are smaller than gas ones and they can be cleaned more easily as a result of having almost no moving parts.

This having been said, the main issue with induction cooking is the fact that it does not work with any kind of pan or pot. Metallic cookware with an induction-compatible design is required in order to ensure that the food will be cooked evenly and that there will be no accidents caused by the melting of the handles or cracks appearing in the container.

Induction Disks can make any cookware compatible with induction cooking

Luckily, the industry has come with a way in which induction stove owners can use cookware made from materials that are not induction-compatible. Induction disks or induction diffusers are thin disks made from materials that interact with the magnetic field generated by the cooktop that can be placed on the appliance in order to heat up and then used as a hotplate for various types of cookware.

In other words, once an induction diffuser is placed on the cooking surface of an induction cooktop or range, it will start to heat up the same a compatible pan would, after which the owner can place cookware made of any thermal resistant material on top. The heat will be transmitted to the pan or pot. 

Choosing the right product is essential

While any induction cooktop will work with these disks, it is important to get one that not only gets the job done, but that can transfer heat as efficiently as possible. Some materials conduct heat better than others and choosing the right product can speed up the cooking process.

Another important aspect is size. As with pans and pots, most induction cooktops have heating elements that work best with cookware of certain sizes. So, it is important to check the specifications of your appliance before making a purchase, in order to ensure that the disk is compatible with it.

Our Top 3 Models Reviewed

VonShef 7.5 inch Stainless Steel Gas Stovetop Heat Diffuser Ring

An affordable interface disc for induction cooking with a multilayer design

This VonShef may look like an ordinary heat diffuser, however, it features a complex multilayer design that not only transfers heat more efficiently but also retains it better than other products. This having been said, the quality design does not raise the price tag when compared to other products in the same class.


  • Designed to avoid overheating – The product is designed to disperse the heat evenly in order to prevent a various areas of the pan from overheating;
  • Multilayer design – the disk is made from an aluminum layer sandwiched between two stainless steel ones. The aluminum improves the model’s ability to transfer heat while the stainless steel makes it durable enough to last for a very long time without degrading;
  • Multifunctional – the disk can also be used with gas ranges as a trivet, enabling the owner to cook using pans or pots smaller than the burner;


  • Affordable – the disc comes with a small price tag when considering how effective and well-built it is;
  • Highly conductive – the heat transfers almost instantaneously to any pan or pot placed on top of it;


  • Hot handle – the handle can get quite hot if the disc is placed on an induction burner that is larger than this

Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk

A well-built disc that comes with a heat-proof handle

The 6010 induction interface disk from Max Burton is designed with speed in mind. It heats up extremely fast when placed on an induction element, it transfers the heat efficiently, and it returns to room temperature in minutes after it is lifted from the surface of the stove.


  • Designed for induction cooking – the disk was designed to enable induction cooktop owners to use regular cookware to prepare food;
  • Heat-proof handle – the handle does get warm, however, it never gets hot enough to create any kind of discomfort when holding it;
  • Stainless steel build – the disk’s shell is made entirely of stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable;


  • Can last a lifetime – both the handle as well as the disk will not degrade even after years of daily use;
  • Does not overheat cooktops – the heat transfer is so efficient that the disk will never overheat the induction stove;


  • Short handle – if the disk must be repositioned, the short handle may require you to get close to the heated pan on top

Rainbean 9.25-inch Heat Diffuser

A 9-inch disk that works great with larger pans and pots

This Rainbean induction converter disc is the perfect solution for large pans and pots. While the disk itself is only 9.25-inch, it can be used with larger types of cookware as long as their bottoms are not bigger. 


  • Great for any type of cookware – the disk can be used with any type of pan or pot, including ones made from ceramic or glass, as long as they are designed for high heat;
  • Aluminum core – the core of the disk is made from aluminum in order to enhance its ability to distribute heat evenly;
  • Durable – the outer layers of the product are made from stainless steel;


  • Safe to use – the disc is smooth and will not scratch the glass surface of an induction stove;
  • Large – The disk can be used with pans and pots of any size, as long as their bottom sides are not larger than the product’s surface;


  • Hot handle – the metal handle can get extremely hot after only 10 minutes


These products are designed to enable induction cooktop owners to use any kind of pan or pot with their cooking appliances, including ones made from ceramic or thermal resistant glass. They are extremely easy to use and clean, and there is a big chance that they will outlast the stove that you’ll use it with.

While you may also be able to find expensive Mauviel induction discs on the market, the ones presented above are the most efficient when it comes to transferring heat and doing so as evenly as possible. 

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