The main difference between traditional coil smoothtops and induction cooktops is that the latter makes the cookware hot, not its own surface. This way, if you touch an induction cooktop, you won’t burn yourself. It’s all because these stove tops used the alternating current technology which creates a magnetic field that produces heat when in touch with cookware made of metal. And the heat it makes is superb!

Actually, that’s the main reason why induction stoves are getting more and more attention lately. Most of them can bring water to boil in a matter of seconds, which is much, much faster that what gas or conventional electric ranges can do.

Unfortunately, high performances come at a price. A high price. They’re usually at least several times more expensive than the old-fashioned products. But, although this is a general rule, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find some really amazing induction cooktops that have a reasonable price tag. For instance, those made by General Electric fit the description.

If you need help with finding the best GE induction cooktop, you’re at the right place. We’re now going to help you with your quest. Just go through these GE profile induction cooktop reviews and you’ll be able to find your perfect product.

​GE Cafe CHP9530SJSS

30 Inch Flagstone Gray Cooktop with Fantastic Performances

With 30 inches, this GE cafe induction cooktop has plenty of space for you to place up to four different pots or pans. There’s one large cooking element (11 inch) on the right side, as well as two smaller (7 inch) on the left which are connected with a bridge element. And there’s also one small heating element (6 inch) in the middle.  


  • Four powerful induction elements – Each of the elements is very powerful, the one with the highest wattage is the 11-inch one on the right side with the power rating of 3700 Watts. 
  • Bridge element – The two 7-inch elements on the left side can be used simultaneously, thus creating a long induction element.
  • Smoothtop – The cooktop is flat and smooth, so you can literally glide cookware on its surface. The best thing is that the surface is resistant to scratching.


  • Amazing performances – When it comes to heating, there aren’t many induction cooktops that can compare to GE Cafe CHP9530SJSS.
  • Multifunctionality – There are four cooking elements on the cooktop, two of which can be used together as one.


  • Price – Its price is a bit on the high end, but considering its performances, the cooktop is definitely worth buying.


Reasonably-Priced 30-Inch Black Cooktop

Even though its price is quite lower than the price of the cooktop we discussed first, GE PHP9030DJBB does compare to it with its performances. 



  • Four cooktop elements – There is one large induction element on the right, two medium on the left, and the smallest element in the middle.
  • Power – If you want to bring water to boil in less than a minute, you should use the element on the right which has the power of 3700 Watts. 


  • Decent cooking performances – We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the cooking performances of this cooktop.
  • Scratch-resistant smoothtop – If you use proper cookware, it won’t leave any scratches on the cooktop.


  • Durability – Some users complain that this product isn’t too durable.


36-Inch Stove with 5 Induction Elements

Here’s a large GE monogram induction cooktop with 36-inch width. Thanks to its size, the cooktop is very convenient to use, not to mention that with its five different cooktop elements, you will be able to prepare several meals at the same time.


  • Five cooktop elements – The largest element is in the middle (11 inches), there’s one 8-inch element on the bottom right, two 7-inch elements on the left, and the smallest one (6 inches) is located in the top-right corner.
  • Bridge element – The two elements on the left can be used simultaneously, thus creating a sort of long cooking element, ideal for griddles. Speaking of which, there’s a stainless steel clad aluminum griddle included in the package.


  • Power – When it comes to cooking performances, GE CHP9536SJSS is really awesome. Each of its elements can heat up really fast, but the one with the most power is the 3700W element in the middle.
  • Five different-size elements – This gives you a lot of convenience, as you will be able to use different cookware at the same time, preparing several dishes at once.


  • Price – If it only were a bit cheaper, this would be the very best induction cooktop from GE offer.


5-Element Stainless-Steel Cooktop

Here’s another GE induction cooktop 36 inches wide. Similarly to the previous cooktop, this one too is superb in terms of cooking performances. The difference is that it’s slightly cheaper.


  • Five induction elements – There is a total of five cooking elements, two of which can be used together with the help of a bridge element. 


  • Fast heating – Each of the elements can bring water to boil in a matter of seconds.
  • Scratch-proof – You got nothing to worry that the smoothtop will get scratches all over it. If you use quality metal cookware, it will remain smooth for a long time.


  • Durability – Some users complain that the burners stop sensing cookware properly after a year or so of regular use.

GE Profile PHP9030SJSS

36-Inch Wide Cooktop with Five Powerful Elements

First of all, the price of GE Profile PHP9030SJSS is pretty reasonable, especially considering its performances.


  • 5 elements – There are five elements, the biggest one being 11 inches in diameter.
  • Bridge element – The two elements on the left side can be used together as one long radiant element.


  • Multifunctionality – Because there are five elements with different power ratings, you will be able to use them for different purposes.
  • Reasonable price – There aren’t many other 36-inch cooktops with such a reasonable price.


  • None – Everything about this induction cooktop seems amazing. You won’t make a bad decision if you buy it.

Final Words

There you have it, five reviews of best induction cooktops manufactured by GE. Buy one of these and you’ll be satisfied with its performances!

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