More and more people are making the transition to electrical cooking appliances such as induction ranges with each passing year. This is not only due to their increased efficiency when compared to gas models, but also as a result of the many features that manufacturers have developed and integrated into their more recent products.

Cutting edge technology integrated into the latest models

The latest models come with a larger number of power levels that enable the owner to set extremely accurate temperatures, as well as with functions that allow multi-stage cooking programs to be set and stored for later use. 

Overall, these electric models are not only cheaper to use, but they also take out a lot of effort out of the cooking process, all at prices that are comparable to those of traditional gas ranges.

This having been said, a large number of companies are currently producing and selling induction range and this can make choosing the right product for your cooking style somewhat difficult. To make things easier, we are taking a look at the products that offer the best balance between features and price tags.

Kenmore Elite 95073 Freestanding Induction Range

A premium model that offers a large number of quality-of-life features to make cooking easier

The Elite 95073 is a durable and extremely elegant induction freestanding range that offers premium features and build quality at an affordable price. With the control display and knobs positioned at the back of the appliance, the model is ideal for those with small children who are worried that they might play with the controls and get hurt accidentally. 


  • Large oven – the appliance offers 6.1 cu. Ft. of oven space;
  • True Convection system – the oven comes with a powerful convection oven to help cook food faster, and also makes it more efficient;
  • Power Boost function – the Power Boost function maximizes the power to the elements in order to cook food faster than normal;
  • Scheduled self-cleaning – the oven comes with a self-cleaning function that can be scheduled to automatically be performed at a chosen time. The process does not require any chemical cleaners;
  • 5 burners – the cooktop offers enough space for 5 pans or pots to be used at the same time;
  • Touch display and control knobs positioned out of the way – the control knobs for the cooktop and the oven control panel are placed on at the back of the appliance;


  • Kid-friendly – the position of the burners and display prevents children from reaching them;
  • Easy cooking – the range comes with 25 presets that help make the cooking process easier, and help those who only cook on occasion and are still learning how to properly use the temperature settings of the appliance;


  • The position of the controls – while the controls are out of the way of children, it may be difficult to reach them when there is heated cookware at the back of the cooktop

Verona VEFSEE365DSS Double Oven Induction Range

​A freestanding induction range with double oven that caters to the needs of those who need to prepare a lot of food at once

Sometimes one oven is not enough. Those who like to cook healthy recipes in the oven know how tedious it can be to have to constantly take one tray out of the oven in order to put another one in. The VEFSEE65DSS has been designed to fix this problem and offered two ovens that can be set to different temperatures and cooking times.

This having been said, the model is more suited to seasoned cooks.


  • Double convection oven – the appliance offers two convection ovens that have a combined space of 3.9 cu. Ft.;
  • Porcelain coating – the interiors of the ovens are coated with blue porcelain, making them extremely easy to clean;
  • 5 powerful cooking elements – the center element detects the size of the pan and switches functionality for maximum efficiency. The smaller marking is for a 700W element and the larger one for 2,100W;
  • Storage compartment – The model comes with a storage drawer under the ovens that can be used to keep cookware;
  • Digital display – the kitchen range comes with a digital display that shows the time and also has a timer function;
  • Ceramic cooktop – the appliance has a black ceramic cooktop that cools in a few minutes after turning the burners off;


  • Versatile – the adaptable central burner and the two convection ovens enable the owner to cook multiple types of food at the same time and in large quantities;
  • Easy to clean – the ceramic cooktop and porcelain oven interior can be cleaned in one hour, using nothing more than a damp cloth and a few paper towels;


  • No self-clean – other convection oven models come with self-cleaning systems, and this double oven model could have certainly used this feature;
  • No presets – the appliance does not come with preset cooking functions or the ability to set and store multistage cooking programs


The models presented above are some of the most popular cooking appliances currently on the market, even when compared to the aging Samsung freestanding induction ranges. They offer great features and great durability at affordable prices and are equally suited for individuals who only cook from time to time, as well as for those who have larger families and need to cook a lot of food at once, on a daily basis.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that there is more to getting a kitchen range than simply looking at what they have to offer. Consider the features offered by each model in relation to how you cook food.

Choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you do a lot of baking or like to cook extremely healthy, get a double-oven model. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of free time, then a model like the one offered from Kenmore may be a better choice.

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