Most Copper Chef induction cooktop reviews praise the manufacturer as being one of the few that offer extremely high-quality appliances, as well as cookware. The manufacturer offers high-quality, compact induction cooktops, as well as the cookware that works best with their designs.

In terms of functionality, Copper Chef appliances may not have all the bells and whistles that larger models do, however, they do come with all the features required to easily cook great food. 

This having been said, let’s look at the best Copper Chef cookware sets with included portable cooktops:

Copper Chef 9.5" Deep Square Pan 6 Piece Set with Induction Cooktop 

A product that comes with everything needed to cook a great food

There is more to this product than the induction cooktop. Copper Chef has decided to offer several types of cookware in addition to their cooking appliance. The pans and pots are coated with a high-quality nonstick layer that does not scratch easily, and all the containers are designed not only to be perfectly compatible with the cooktop but also with each other, enabling the owner to mix and match.


  • Included induction cooktop – the included stove has one burner, a function to keep the food warm, a timer, and a sear preset;
  • 5 cookware pieces – the package includes a deep, 9.5-inch square pan, a steam rack, a frying pan, and a fry basket;
  • Nonstick coating – the pans come with non-stick layers that enable the owner to cook without any kind of oil or fat;
  • Recipe book – A recipe book that contains dishes that can be cooked using the included cookware;


  • All-in-one – the package contains everything needed to start cooking right after taking out the cookware and the induction stove;
  • Affordable – the set is extremely affordable, especially when considering all the items included in it;


  • Easy to scratch – the cooktop can be easily scratched if not careful when sliding the cookware on its surface;
  • May be too small – the 9.5-inch cookware may be too small when having to cook for more than one person

Copper Chef XL 11" Casserole 5 pc Set & Induction Cooktop​

​A great set with a large induction stove and nonstick cookware to match it

This set caters to the needs of those looking for an all-in-one package that will enable them to cook food for a larger number of people. Copper Chef has included a set of 5 11-inch cookware pieces along with a basic but durable induction cooktop.


  • Induction cooktop – the included induction cooktop comes with Keep Warm, Sear, and Timer functions, making it ideal for a variety of types of food;
  • Quality cookware – the package includes 5 11-inch cookware pieces that are designed to fit perfectly on the induction cooktop;
  • Great nonstick layer – the nonstick coating is scratch resistant and will not degrade at high heat;


  • Perfect for families – the larger cookware is great for cooking larger amounts of food at the same time;
  • Easy to use stove – the induction cooktop’s control panel is extremely easy to understand and use;


  • Flimsy fry basket – the included fry basket is made from thin wire that can bend if enough weight is placed on it


Both sets offer all the tools necessary to start cooking the food right after opening the package. Both choices contain largely the same containers, with the biggest difference being the size of the cookware. 

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