Bosch is one of the biggest household appliance manufacturers in the world. The company has been around for many years and has produced everything from washers and dryers to power tools. Its products are known to be extremely durable, but also extremely flexible when it comes to features and usability. 

The company’s design philosophy also applies to the manufacturer’s induction stoves. Most models that come from Bosch have all the functions necessary to prepare great food, as well as a sleek, elegant design that allows them to almost blend into the countertop that they are placed on.

This having been said, Bosch doesn’t manufacture portable, single-burner models. The induction cooktops offered by the company are usually designed to serve as potential replacements for a gas range and come with enough cooking surface to fit at least three pans or pots and some even come with areas specifically designed for griddles.

In other words, the products cater to the needs of individuals who cook on a daily basis.

Bosch NIT8066UC 800 Induction Cooktop

A potential replacement for a gas range with enough space for four pans or pots

A very popular model that constantly gets a lot of attention on bosch 800 series induction cooktop reviews, the NIT8066UC is designed to offer the full functionality of a kitchen range stove with the advantage of induction-level efficiency and temperature control.


  • Four cooking areas – The appliance comes with four cooking areas one of which is 3,600 Watts and works great with 11-inch pans and pots;
  • SpeedBoost function – The SpeedBoost feature can maximize the power to the burners;
  • AutoChef proprietary feature – The model can automatically maintain the exact temperature required to fry food;
  • Flexible – There are 17 temperature levels to choose from;
  • ChildLock – The controls can be locked to prevent children from getting hurt;


  • Kid-friendly – The ability to lock the controls is great for those with small children;
  • Quality-of-life features – The model comes with great features to help cut down on the effort needed to cook great food;


  • Unnecessary safety feature – The pan detection system is useful, however, the appliance also shuts down the burners when it detects metal of other shapes on its surface, such as oddly-shaped cookware

Bosch NIT8666UC 800 36" Induction Burner

The highest-ranking model on bosch induction cooktop 36 reviews

The NIT8666UC is a well-organized, no-nonsense appliance that makes it extremely easy to fit multiple types of cookware on its surface at the same time. The model comes with a dual element that can act as a bridge burner, enabling the owner to use a griddle and several features that help cook food faster and more efficiently.


  • Powerful dual burner – The appliance comes with a 4,500-Watt dual burner that is perfect for griddles and larger cookware;
  • AutoChef – The system maintains a constant temperature needed to fry food, for long periods of time;
  • SpeedBoost – The burners can be put into overdrive to start cooking food in a couple of seconds;
  • Safety systems – The controls can be locked and the burners only work when they detect a pan on the surface;
  • 17 temperature levels – The appliance comes with 17 temperature levels for increased precision;


  • Well-organized surface – The surface is largely symmetrical in design, making it easy to cook using several types of cookware at the same time;
  • Griddle-compatible – The dual burner is great for griddles or for cooking in oven trays;


  • Only 17 temperature levels – This model is not an entry-level product. While it does have great features, it lacks the ability to accurately control the temperature

Bosch NITP066UC Electric Induction Range

A professional cooking appliance for passionate cooks and large families

The NITP066UC has received great scores on most bosch flex induction cooktop reviews, not only due to its popular FlexInduction zone but also as a result of its outstanding performance. The stove top is a premium appliance designed for intensive cooking and comes with a large number of useful features.


  • FlexInduction Zone – the appliance comes with an area made of several individual elements that can serve as a bridge for griddles and larger types of cookware;
  • SpeedBoost – The power of the burners can be increased to start cooking food in a few seconds;
  • Flexible temperature control – there are 17 power levels to choose from;
  • Safety systems – The elements stop working when the pan is removed from the surface and the controls can be locked;


  • Designed for griddles – the FlexInduction design is extremely useful for those who like to cook their food on a griddle;
  • Low requirements – the appliance only requires a 30-amp breaker;


  • Only 2 regular burners – the two burners are rarely enough to prepare food for several people and the FlexInduction zone can be confusing to use


The models above are the result of the manufacturer upgrading its features after the wave of mixed bosch 500 series induction cooktop reviews. They are efficient, flexible, and highly durable. Furthermore, all of them are designed with daily use in mind, and as a result they come with features that not only make cooking easier, but also prevent accidents.

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