Induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. While the technology was relatively expensive at the start, manufacturers are now constantly looking to make their products more affordable and easier to use.

Most induction cooktops come with a large number of features that can make cooking easier and safer, however, all of them also have one common disadvantage: they require special types of cooking containers in order to function properly.

Do you need special pots for induction cooktop? Why?

It is important to understand that induction cooktops work in a different manner than gas ones. While gas models use flames in order to raise the temperature of a pan or pot and cook the food inside it, induction cooktops work by passing electricity through copper coils which, in turn, create magnetic fields. When compatible cookware is placed inside this magnetic field, it interacts with it, heating up.

In other words, the cooking container is indirectly heated up in the case of induction cooking. Many manufacturers explain that this method of cooking is not only safer, but also more efficient due to the fact that much less heat is lost in the process. However, this also means that the type of cookware that can be used with it is restricted only to designs that are made specifically for induction cooking.

Choosing the best cookware set for induction cooktop cooking basically guarantees not only that the containers will interact with the magnetic field, but that the temperature will be distributed evenly. Overall, if you have an induction cooktop, then you will definitely need an induction non stick cookware set. 

What is the difference between cookware designed for induction cooking and regular ones?

While any ferrous pan or pot will work with an induction cooktop, most manufacturers that make and sell regular cookware are not concerned with making sure that the shape of the product is perfectly even, that its material has the same density all over its structure, and that it also has a component that stores heat not just interacts with the magnetic field.

Specially designed induction compatible cookware is more expensive due to the fact that manufacturers take these additional factors into consideration when designing them. This having been said, they are still just as durable as a normal pan, with the added bonus that they will always heat up evenly and will not damage the induction cooking appliance.

How do you know if a pan can be used on an induction hob?

Unlike non-stick induction cookware that is designed to work specifically with these types of appliances, regular pans and pots that can interact with magnetic fields can be used to cook food. The easiest way to determine if a cooking container has ferrous components is by taking a magnet and moving it closer to the bottom of the pan. If the cookware is attracted to the magnet, then it will work with induction cooking.

However, it is unlikely that a basic pan that happens to work with an induction cooktop will be as efficient as a specially designed one, and there is always the risk that it will damage your cooking appliance. This is why it is usually better to get the best non stick induction cookware, rather than a ferrous, regular set.

Top 3 Recommendations

Secura SSIB-17 Induction Cookware Set 

An all-in-one cookware set that works great with any type of kitchen range

This SSIB-17 set from Duxtop offers the best stainless steel cookware for induction cooktops for the price. The manufacturer has ensured that every piece is structurally sound and that it can last for several decades if properly cleaned and stored. While the cookware in this set has been designed for induction cooking, it will work just as well with gas ranges and cooktops.


  • Complete set – the set comes with two frying pans that measure 8 and 10 inches, 1.6 and 2.5-quart saucepans, a 4.2-quart casserole, a strainer, a spoon, a fork, and a spatula. All the cooking containers come with lids;
  • No-slip handles – the handles of all of the cookware pieces are textured to prevent them from slipping, even when wet;
  • Dishwasher compatible – all pieces can be cleaned using the dishwasher;
  • Universal use – the entire set can also be used with radiant cooktops, as well as with gas cooking appliances;


  • Everything needed to cook – the set is great for anyone who wants to make only one purchase and get everything needed in order to cook food on an induction cooktop;
  • Elegant design – The polished finish of the cookware looks great and does not scratch easily;


  • Hot handles – the handles of the pots can get quite hot after a while

Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

One of the best non-stick cookware for induction cooktop sets with a beautiful, premium design

This premium set is considered to have one of the best no-stick layers of all induction-compatible cookware.

While it may offer a fewer number of items, this product from Vremi does come with one of the most distinct looks on the market. The look is partially due to the fact that the set does not use Teflon or any other potentially harmful chemical, but ceramic in order to prevent food from sticking to its surface.

From a technical point of view, where other manufacturers have used stainless steel in order to manufacture the handles for pans and pots, this set uses wood. This is a great choice due to the fact that wood not only heats up slower than metal would but even when it reaches a higher temperature, it creates less discomfort than the handles of other models.


  • 8-piece set – the set includes 2 dutch oven pots, a casserole pot, 2 frying pans, and lids for every one of the pots;
  • Smart lid design – the pot lids come with small cutouts that enable the steam to slowly escape the cooking container, in order to prevent foaming and overflows;
  • Spiral bottom – the underside of the cookware works with both radiant and induction cooking, and is also compatible with gas ranges;
  • Easy to clean – the whole set can be cleaned in the dishwasher;


  • Unique design – The entire set has a unique look about it that is different from that of other induction-compatible cookware sets;


  • Only 5 cooking containers – While enough for most individuals, this set is not for those who want to buy one product that comes with everything that they could ever need

Chef’s Star 17-Piece Pots & Pans Stainless Steel 

An induction compatible cookware set that comes with a classic design and all the tools needed to cook great food

Another contender that constantly gets great scores in articles that look at the best nonstick cookware for induction cooktops, this set from Chef’s Star truly is designed for professional chefs and restaurant kitchens. While the cookware does not have a unique look about it, its design is simple, efficient, and highly durable. 

The set comes with a very large number of pieces and includes everything needed for a brand-new kitchen including steamer basket. Few other manufacturers have included one, mostly due to the fact that other products do not cater to the needs of individuals who may be required to cook for a large number of people at the same time.

This having been said, all the pans and pots can be used with any kind of cooktop or kitchen range, not just with induction models, making it a universal product in terms of usability.


  • Quality non stick induction cookware – The pieces are designed to prevent food from sticking to their surface and can be easily cleaned after use;
  • A large number of items – the set comes with 2 saucepans, a casserole, and a stock pot, 2 frying pans, a saute pan, a boiler basket and a steamer basket, and 3 kitchen tools. All the pots come with lids;
  • Highly durable – the cookware has an aluminum core encapsulated in commercial grade stainless steel;


  • Complete set – the set comes with everything needed to cook food on an induction cooktop;
  • Dishwasher and oven safe – all the pieces can be placed in the oven, and also cleaned using a dishwasher;


  • Hot pan handles – the handles of the pans can heat up after prolonged use


Why buy sets rather than individual pans and pots

The best reason to buy an entire set is that this way the owner can make sure that all the cookware pieces are of the same quality and that they have the same performance. Induction cookware manufacturers use the same fabrication method and the same layer design for all the products that are part of a set. 

So, getting one instead of picking up individual non stick induction pans and pots can essentially guarantee that they will all last a long time and that none of them will overheat your induction elements.

As with all cookware, a non stick induction cookware set is an investment. While sets are more expensive than individual cooking containers, they can last for decades, and they come with the guarantee that the entirety of their surface will heat up evenly.

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