Whether you’re looking for a 30 inch induction cooktop with downdraft or a more basic model that will get the job done, it is always important to make sure that the product not only physically fits in the kitchen, but also that it fits your cooking style. There are dozens of models on the market and each of them offers a different combination of features and functions. 

Some are designed to cater to the needs of professional chefs that simply need raw power and speed in order to cook high quantities of food as fast as possible. Others come with smart features that help the owner to choose the correct temperature for various cooking processes, and there are even models that can store multistage cooking programs for later use.

True Induction 30" 4-Element Induction Cooktop

A straightforward, easy to use appliance that comes with multi-size cooking elements

Considered to be one of the best 30 inch induction cooktops on the market, this model may not come with smart programming, however, its controls are simple to use and every function is easy to understand. Every cooking element has three buttons that either control the temperature or turn it on and off, and the surface of the appliance can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth.


  • EZ touch controls – the controls for the cooktop are extremely easy to use and understand;
  • 4 cooking elements – the cooktop offers 4 elements that support a large variety of cookware sizes. These are positioned in order to enable the owner to change the settings for each of them without having to get close to the hot cookware that is on the surface;
  • Integrated timer – the appliance comes with a timer that can be set to count down from up to 90 minutes;
  • Accurate temperature controls – the heating elements can be set to a temperature between 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Automatic shutdown – the cooktop automatically shuts down after 150 minutes of continuous cooking;


  • Easy to use – The model is great for anyone who does not want to have to learn how to use complex features in order to cook their food;
  • Easy to clean – the cooktop does not have any recessed surfaces, making it extremely easy to clean;


  • Not presets – Other models come with preset programs to help cook various types of food

Empava EMPV-IDC30 30” Induction Stove

An elegant cooktop for those who have never owned an induction cooking appliance before  

The EMPV-IDC30 is a sleek 30" induction cooktop that comes with symmetrically arranged heating elements and straightforward controls. While the appliance does not have knobs to set the power of the induction burners, the control panel is equally simple to read and to use.

This having been said, the model does come with features that one has come to expect from an electrical model, such as accurate temperature settings, or the ability to lock the control panel.


  • 9 heat levels – the cooktop’s induction elements can be set to one of 9 heat levels, enabling the owner to have more control over the cooking process;
  • Hot surface indicator – the appliance features an indicator that warns the owner when its surface is too hot to touch;
  • Pan detection – The stove automatically cuts power to the cooking elements when it detects that the cookware has been removed from its surface;
  • Safety lock – the control panel can be locked in order to prevent children from accidentally turning the appliance on;


  • Safe for families – the cooktop comes with great features for families with small children, such as the locking function and the pan detection one;
  • Affordable – the model offers a lot of value for an entry-level 4-element cooktop;


  • Easy to scratch – Sliding cookware on its surface can easily scratch is

Bosch NITP066UC Benchmark 30" Induction Cooktop

A great product that offers great design, as well as flexibility

This Bosch induction cooktop 30 inch model is a perfect example of how experience and attention to what customers want are essential to creating a high-quality product that offers enough flexibility to easily be the better choice when compared to any other cooking appliance.

The NITP066UC has a very unusual design when it comes to how its heating elements are organized. The model only comes with two traditional, round induction elements, the rest being disposed in a rectangle in order to be used either as bridge elements for a griddle or as separate cooking areas.


  • 4 cooking areas – the cooktop comes with two round cooking areas and two square ones placed in a rectangle;
  • Griddle ready FlexInduction zone – the elements on the right side of the appliance are compatible with a griddle;
  • Precise temperature control – the cooktop comes with 17 temperature settings;
  • SafeStart – the induction elements only function as long as there is cookware on the surface of the appliance;
  • ChildLock – the controls can be locked in order to prevent children from changing the settings;
  • Countdown times – each of the cooking areas comes with independent countdown timers;


  • Offers lots of functionality – the cooktop comes with all the features that gas models have, in addition to ones that can usually be seen in premium induction appliances;
  • Kid-friendly – the ability to lock the controls and to only have the cooktop work when there are pans or pots on it is great for families with small children;


  • Loud fan – the cooling fan can get loud when all the elements are at full power


When it comes to great electric cooking appliances, induction cooktop 30 inch models are the best choices for those who do not want a professional piece of equipment that’s designed for restaurant kitchens.

The models above are flexible enough to enable the owner to cook any kind of food, they have the accurate temperature control that electric stoves are famous for, and they are extremely easy to use and to clean.

This having been said, it is important to look at them and then determine which features you would use on a daily basis. Doing so will help you single out the best product for you.

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