If you’re thinking about buying an induction cooker, one of the first things you need to decide on is its size, that is, how many burners it has. Well, your choice depends the most on your needs. For instance, if you have a large family and you need to prepare large meals every day, you would probably do better with a cooker that has four or five induction elements

But, if you live on your own or your family doesn’t number too many members, then you could do well with a two burner induction cooktop. Actually, there are many reasons why this type of cooker might be ideal for you. 

The most important of those reasons is that they’re usually significantly cheaper than their four/five-burner counterparts. Another reason is that such a cooker won’t take too much space on the countertop. And many of the two-element cooktops are portable, meaning that no installation work is needed.

And if you pick a quality one, you can be sure it will help you make delicious meals in the shortest time possible. But, how to know is a 2 burner induction cooktop is actually good? Well, you can go through the specifications of each of hundreds of cooktops available on Amazon. But, if you want to save time, you can find the best one by reading the following reviews!

​MegaChef MC1800

Reasonably-Priced Induction Cooktop with Two Powersharing Burners

Each burner has the power of 1800W maximum, which is quite a lot, but you can’t use max power on both of them at the same time. But, you have the option of powersharing, which allows you to divide the power between the two burners. Why is this important? Because it allows you to heat two pots at the same time without wasting energy.


  • Portable design – Its dimensions are quite compact and the cooktop weighs only 11 pounds, which means that you can take it with you wherever you want.  
  • Digital controls – The control panel is large and simple to use, which makes controlling the burners a very easy job.


  • Easy-to-use – The cooktop is very convenient to use, with many options that make cooking fun and easy.
  • Decent power – The maximum power is 1800 Watts, which means you will be able to cook your meals quickly.
  • Reasonable price – Considering how great its cooking performances are, the price of this two-burner cooktop is more than reasonable.


  • Power share – Although this technology will help you save money on bills in a long run, in some cases, powersharing can be inconvenient. 

​K&H Domino INDV-3102

Two-Burner Cooktop with Vertical Layout

The burners are placed on top of one other instead of side-by-side, which makes its width pretty narrow. So, if there’s not too much space on the countertop, this cooktop might be an ideal solution. Apart from its design, this cooktop attracts attention for its features as well.


  • Two 1850W burners – Each burner has the maximum wattage of 1850W, with the maximum shared power of 3400W.
  • Portable design – Whether you’re looking for a two burner induction cooktop built in or portable design, this product is suitable. You can use it as a freestanding cooktop or mount it in your countertop if you wish. 
  • Digital controls – The controls are conveniently placed upfront and are very simple to use.


  • Narrow design – If there’s not much space left in your kitchen, this cooktop might still squeeze in.
  • Decent power – With two burners of 1850W each, this is a pretty powerful cooktop.


  • Price – If its price were only slightly lower, this would be one of the best cooktops on Amazon.

True Induction TI-2B

Super-Durable Built-In Cooktop

This cooktop is built to last for a long time, during which it’s gonna provide you with nothing but flawless coking performances. You will be able to heat up your meals quickly, without worrying that they’d burn, as this cooktop is fantastic when it comes to temperature monitoring.


  • Scratch-proof surface – The surface is made of Schott-Ceran ceramic glass that’s almost impossible to scratch. 
  • Child lock – You can lock the controls so that your children can turn the cooktop on when you’re not around. 


  • Quality & durability – This product is bound to serve you well for years.
  • Easy to use – The controls are very easy to use and there are many useful cooking options meant to make your job much easier.


  • Power share – The total induction cooktop two burner power is 1800W, meaning that you can’t use the max power on both burners at the same time.

​Cuisinart ICT-60

Affordable Two Burner Induction Cooktop with Portable Design

Considering that it’s made by a reputable manufacturer and that it comes with plenty of useful features, the price of this cooktop is more than reasonable. But, being cheap doesn’t mean that it’s not too good. On the contrary, you can expect this cooktop to serve you well for many years.


  • Auto on/off – There’s a timer for each burner, plus there are sensors that will make the cooktop turn off automatically 30 seconds after pots are removed from its surface.
  • Child lock – This is one of many features designed to improve your convenience and give you a peace of mind.
  • Large font control panel – The control panel is placed upfront and features many buttons that trigger special features and options.


  • Easy to use – Not only are controls simple to use, but the entire cooktop was designed with convenience in mind.
  • Reasonable price – This is one of the cheapest two-burner cooktops you can find on today’s market.


  • None – We think this cooktop has no major cons.

Final Words

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a large induction cooktop, the solution is to go with a two-burner cooktop. These kinds of cooktops should be sufficient for you to take care of your cooking needs, without destroying your budget. Of course, this is only true if you buy a decent one. So, better not risk it – choose one of the cooktops we reviewed above and you won’t regret it.

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